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About S.D.R.C

Objective/ Purpose

The Governor of Meghalaya constituted the State Development Reforms Commission on 8th March 2000 The terms of reference of the Commission are given below:-

  1. To examine the parameters of ongoing developmental programmes, from time to time, with a view to determine whether such programmes have been/ are achieving the desired results. If not, to suggest suitable modifications thereof with a view to ensure their effectivity.
  2. To examine the need for undertaking new programmes for accelerated development of the rural areas with particular emphasis on poverty alleviation, and to suggest working parameters therefore, from time to time.
  3. Any matters ancilliary thereto.

Brief history and context of its formation

In early March, 2000 when the then Chief Minister; (Late) Shri.B.B.Lyngdoh was succeeded by Shri. E.K.Mawlong as Leader of the Government, there was a keenly felt need by the new government of the day for the constitution of a new permanent body which came to be known as the State Development Reforms Commission(S.D.R.C) and making (Late) Shri. B.B.Lyngdoh its chairman in the rank of Chief Minister for advising the Government on how to bring about qualitative improvement in the way schemes are implemented and also ensure that they produced the desired impact on the beneficiaries. On the other hand, there were other areas where the achievements of the state could have been much more provided that certain policy and Socio-Economic framework had been properly attuned to the prevailing circumstances and local-specific needs.

Duties and function

The duty of the State Development Reforms Commission is to examine and review the parameters of both Central and State Plan Programmes implemented in the State and suggest reforms wherever needed. The Commission could suggest changing or downright dropping of certain norms and models and to suggest modifications of even Centrally Sponsored Schemes to the Central Government with a view to making them more relevant to the ground conditions obtaining in the state. The Commission can also look into the need to undertake new programmes and offer its view on how to accelerate economic development in the state. Since its inception the S.D.R.C. has convened a number of Meetings from time to time with various important Government Departments like Health Department, Agriculture and Horticulture Department Power Department Industries Department Education Department Soil Conservation Dept, P.H.E, Tourism Department Forest and Environment Department M.S.P.C.B., N.E.C, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department Mining and Geology Department etc. During October 2006, the Commission organised a two-day workshop on "The Impact of Air and Water Pollution on Quality of Life and Solution Thereof" and the Workshop’s report and recommendation have been submitted to the Government for necessary action by concerned Departments.

Budget Allocation in respect of State Development Reforms Commission (S.D.R.C.)

Grant Number 13 (Rupees - In Lakhs)
Head of Account
(Minor head/Sub-head/detailed head)
Plan Non- plan
3451-Sectt. Economics Services-091-Attached Offices - -
(09) S.D.R.C. under P.I. and E. Department. - -
01. Salaries 2.00 0
11. Travel Expenses 3.50 0
13. Office Expenses 6.00 0
06. Medical Treatment 4.00 0
Total (09) 15.50 0
Grand Total 15.50 0