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Twenty Point Programme (T.P.P.)

The 20 Point Programme is a selection of Plan schemes and is in essence, a commitment to achieve certain selected targets and objectives. The Programme is encompassed within the Annual Plan and Five Year Plan of the States/UTs and Central Ministries and allows for the formulation of a 20 Point Programme for the Centre and each of the States/UTs based on the approved Annual Plan. The 20-Point Programme is implemented by the State Governments and U.T. Administration since the year 1986.

In Meghalaya the three-tier monitoring mechanism in TPP-2006 known as the State, District, and Block level monitoring Committee on T.P.P. have already been constituted in accordance with the TPP's Guidelines. Notification in this regard is as per Annexure I.

The T.P.P. was restructured in 2006 and has 20 Points and 65 items. All the 65 items of TPP-2006 (list at Annexure-II) are not amenable to reporting on monthly basis. Accordingly, there are 23 items which are being monitored on monthly basis and the remaining items under T.P.P.-2006, are monitored on an annual basis. However, for the purpose of monthly ranking, 'the performance of States under T.P.P.-2006 is based on only 15 items/parameters indicated at Annexure-III.

The monthly Progress reports on items of 20 Point Programme are being sent Online to Ministry of Programme Implementation, Government of India every month, and the latest Online Report sent is till the month of December 20I1.

Physical Targets are fixed by the concerned Nodal Ministries of Government of India separately for each Department and the same is intimated to the Directorate of Programme Implementation & Evaluation, Government of Meghalaya. On receipt of the Physical Targets from the Government of India, the same were circulated to all Departments concerned with the Implementation of 20-Point Programme.

An abstract of the monthly ranking on the progress achieved by Meghalaya in the implementation of 20 point Programme during April 2010-March 2011 is compiled (abstract taken from the consolidated reports furnished by the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, G.O.I.). The comparative position vis-a-vis the National average is also reflected in the report. It may be noted that Meghalaya has been ranked 12th for the year 2010-2011.

This implies that with greater efforts, the State has the potential to perform even better and there should, therefore, be no complacency on the part of all Departments concerned with the implementation of this programme. The monthly reports are regularly sent to the Department(s) concerned with the implementation of Twenty Point Programme so that they can review the performance of their Department(s) and take immediate steps to improve their performance.